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Stain testing of Stone Italiana- Bench top - 

Jaipur Jasmin, 

1.0 samples 

One 30x30cmx2cm tile of "Jaipur Jasmin " stone bench top was received for stain testing. The following common kitchen substances were used to test for tile surface stainning; 

olive oil

Sushi/soy sauce

Red wine

Barbecue sauce


Black coffee

Worcestershire sauce

Balsamic Vinegar


Seafood sauce

Tabasco sauce

Coca cola

Beetroot Juice

Earl Grey tea


the tile was supplied ex- production and was photographed noting its surface textural variations, natural crevices and natural Indentations ( see figure 1)

Figure 1: Tile surface showing natural indentations and surface irregularities

A portion of each of the staining substances was applied to the surface of the tile (see figure 2) and allowed to stand  in contact with the  surface for a period of 12 hrs. 


 Figure 2: Tile surface with staining substances applied

Note that the red Wine and the worcestershire sauce stains migrated onto neighbouring stained areas but did not interfere with the staining capability of those areas.


After the 12hrs period, the substances were washed from the surface with cold water for 30 sec and the tile re- photpographed after drying with a paper tissue. ( see Figure 3)  


  Figure 3: Tile surface after stain washed with cold water.

Note that only mustard, red wine and the  tabasco sauce stains remained after the cold water of the tile surface. The mustard stain remained the most intense.


The tile was then re-washed using a cold light household dishwashing detergent for 30 sec, wiped with a clean cloth and dried with paper tissue. The tile was then re-photographed (see Figure 4 )

Figure 4: Tile surface after stain washed with cold household detergent

Following the light household detergent cold water wash of the tile surface, only the mustard sauce stain remained evident on the tile.


As a final treatment, the remaining stain evident (mustard) was sprayed ( 3 sprays from the nozzle ) with household bleach ( White King Bleach Spray ) and allowed to stand for 10 seconds. The stained area was then lightly rubbed with a clean cloth. The tile was then re-photographed (see Figure 5)


 Figure 5: Tile surface after stain washed with household bleach.

Following the application of household bleach to the remaining mustard stain, examination of the surface of the tile indicated no visual staining evident on the whole tile surface.


The Stone Italiana Tile "Jaipur Jasmin" was subjected to surface staining using a number of common household substances.

A brief cold water wash of the tile surface removed all but three of the staining substances (red wine, mustard sauce and tabasco).

A light detergent wash using cold water household detergent removed both the red wine stain and the tabasco sauce stain leaving the mustard stain still evident.

Application of a short spray of household bleach for 10 seconds followed by a light rub with a cloth completely removed the mustard stain from the tile surface.

 The overall result of the testing of the tile showed that cleaning of the tile surface with commonly used household cleaners completely removed all staininng substances used in the test.



 Conducted and tested by a

 Manager of a laboratry at a University

In Sydney NSW Australia 

 28 February 2018.

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