The physical characteristics (and benefits) of Stone Italiana engineered Quartz Stone materials far exceed those of ALL stone products, as highlighted in the graph.

Comparisons address the four most important issues in consideration of kitchen bench-tops and floor tiling, which are:

  1. Absorption
  2. Flexural Strength
  3. Abrasion Resistance
  4. Impact Strength

As can be seen from the above Laboratory Test Results, Stone Italiana has, by far, the lowest absorbency of all stone materials, the highest flexural strength, an abrasion resistance similar to porcelain and an extreme impact strength value un-matched by all other stone surface options.

These unique characteristics are achieved by using only the highest grade of granulated quartz, conglomerate mixtures and polymers during the manufacturing process, which when combined with over 28 years world-wide "hands on" experience, places Stone Italiana in a position of un-paralleled supremacy amongst its competitors.

Many have tried to copy, but none have been able to achieve the highest level of integrity, quality and inherent characteristics as offered by Stone Italiana.