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100% Made in Italy

Stone Italiana engineered Quartz / Marble stone is only sold through our own showroom and warehouses, to guarantee its exclusivity and authenticity.

Stone Italiana is certified by Moody International to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance.

Below David Jones Department Store using Stone Italiana floor tiles.

Stone Floor


Stone Italiana is the un-disputed world leader in engineered quartz and marble based materials, employing the very latest technology in its two 'state-of-the-art' manufacturing facilities. The original 23,000m² production/warehouse facility, located in Zimella (Verona) Italy, commenced manufacture in 1979, followed by a second facility in Villesse.

The Stone Italiana product range is the result of leading-edge controlled manufacture, utilizing the very latest in computer-controlled production technology. Unadulterated marble or quartz material is first of all reduced to a fine grit-form and blended with a maximum 6% polyester resin. The resultant mixture is then subjected to a vacuum-vibro-compaction process followed by catalytic-conversion. The slabs are thereby hardened in a catalysis chamber consisting of a tower block with a series of heated surfaces, allowing multiple production of slabs in a single process. These collectively are maintained at a constant temperature of 85 degrees Celsius for approximately 30 minutes prior to polishing. Such modern technology produces a stone material with excellent values in terms of bending resistance, impact strength and low absorption, unlike natural stone.

Once this process has been completed, the slabs are machined either side and then polished top-side to a mirror-like finish.

In the case of tiles, slabs are calibrated by a computer-controlled process and then chamfered. The tolerance on thickness is controlled to plus or minus zero, and all tile dimensions ( including diagonals) are controlled within 0.5mm accuracy.

Whether in slab or tile form, all Stone Italiana products are manufactured with controlled, certifiable characteristics, having uniform weight, thickness, compactness, design and color uniformity, and now having over 36 years world-wide experience, Stone Italiana is proud to offer a quality second to none in this industry.

Characteristics and Benefits

The physical characteristics and benefits of Stone Italiana engineered Quartz Stone materials far exceed those of all stone products.



Since 1979, we have been dedicated to excellence in terms of sensitivity towads issues such as environment, workers safety and health.


Product care- 
 Bench tops and tiles

Stone Italiana QuartzStone surfaces have been designed to require minimum care throughout the life of the product.



the Stone Italiana Company warrants QuartzStone* products as having total suitability for all domestic and commercial applications.


and Formats

Stone Italiana engineered QuartzStone surfaces are available in a variety of sizes to fit smoothly in any project and design.


Test Report

Report prepared for Stone Italiana by the Markwainright Analytical Center by T M Flynn - 6 May 2013 - Project No 13073.